How To Wear Shapewear Like A Styling Expert

Slimming Shapewear

Not everyone is blessed with a supermodel svelte figure. And, no matter how hard you work in the gym and watch your diet, some of us can’t get the perfect figure. This is where the shapewear comes to the rescue. The shapewear can help in smoothing out the cellulite and getting a more streamlined and slim appearance. The Spanx can help you rock that dress you want to wear on your date but are not confident you can pull it off with some vacation fat still resting on your body.

However, you can easily get shapewear wrong. You might end up wearing Spanx that might squeeze you in and make having a lunch a challenge itself. Here are some tips that will make sure your experience with shapewear isn’t a challenge.

  • Get the right size

Shapewear Spanx

If you think that by wearing a shapewear that is two sizes smaller, you will look slimmer, you are making a huge mistake here. The only thing you might succeed in achieving here is feeling squished and squeezed in. It will leave you feeling light headed and will give you a massive migraine in the end. Believe me, I am speaking from my experience. You might find even breathing a challenge.

The slimming shapewear works by hugging your body in the right places, which will give illusion of slimmer figure. It won’t give you an extra boost. It will just accentuate your figure in its natural shape and will enhance your silhouette. Wearing a too snug fitting Spanx will lead to unwanted bulges in wrong places. You might also have to experience the dreaded rolling effect when the size isn’t right. So, always go for your right size.

  • Customize shapewear

Plus Size Shapewear

You can sculpt your shape by going for the shapewear that suits better. The shapewear often vary with the amount of stretch it has and by the function it accomplishes. The three level of compression are Level 1 Smooth, Level 2 Shape, and Level 3 Sculpt. The fitting becomes snugger as you move up levels.

You can select the type of the shapewear in accordance with the outfit you are wearing. For example, the open bust full bodysuit are perfect for the dresses with sleeves. You should go for a high-waist or regular waist mid-thigh shapers for pencil skirts. For the everyday use, you should go for skinny birches. It has very light fabric and is very comfortable. Some of the daily users find it more comfortable than the underwear.

  • Find best color

Black Shapewear

You have to choose the best color combination, which depends on two things – your complexion and color of the outfit. If you are going to wear a dress that has a light fabric and you have dark skin tone, the right color for shapewear is black or cocoa. The black color usually works well with all skin tones when the hue of the outfit is darker. The women with lighter skin tone should wear light toned shapewear when wearing outfits with light fabric.

  • Wash it properly

Full Shapewear

The shapewear is meant to be worn as an underwear. So, throwing it in the washer and dryer like other clothes is a mistake as it can be harsh on the delicate fabric. Instead, wash it with your hands. Also, don’t wring and twist your shapewear before leaving it to dry. You will damage the shape by doing it. Plus, lay them flat for the drying process.

Also, using a strong detergent is also a strict no-no. It can damage the fabric of the Spanx, which can lead to lose of shape.


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