How To Wear Printed Pants Like A Style Diva

Sarah Hyland Style

The printed pants are certainly enjoying time in the limelight. With strong preference for boho inspired style, the printed pants are present everywhere from the leading fashion stores to the famous fashion shows. I certainly love printed pants and they are perfect alternative for jeans, which can turn out to be bit uncomfortable in the hot and humid conditions. The latest printed pants are as comfortable as pajamas. Plus, you can style these in several different ways. Below are some of the coolest outfit ideas.

  • Printed Pants with top

Kendall Jenner Style

We will kick off our list with the perfect summer outfit that oozes chic relaxed vibes. Pair a light shade printed pants with a plain top to create a relaxed and laid back casual outfit. To make this outfit perfect for the season vibes, ensure that the top is of light color as well.

Of course, there are several different variants of the printed pants available in the market and you can choose any and this combo will still look gorgeous. However, you will have to choose footwear accordingly. For example, if you are going for loose pajama style printed patterns, the ideal choice of footwear would be simple sandals. Similarly, if you are going for trouser style printed pants, you can opt to wear a pair of stylish pumps.

Another cool version of this combination is one worn by Kendall Jenner in the image above. She wears a retro style flared leg printed pants with a tank top. She wears a pair of white thick sole boots to complete her ensemble. She accessorizes it with a pair of stylish sunglasses.

  • Printed Pants with button down shirt

Gisele Bundchen Style

Another cool summer outfit idea includes pairing printed pants with a button down shirt. This outfit has a formal finish and is loaded with sophisticated chic vibes. It is perfect for a visit to your favorite retail store for shopping and for a casual day out with your close pals.

Now, the secret to getting this combination right is to ensure that the balance and contrast is right. So, to balance the vibrant and chic print of the pants, you will have to go with a plain monochrome button down shirt. The color tone has to be balanced as well. For example, you will have to wear a light toned blouse with a vibrant and dark printed pants and vice versa.

For this outfit, you can wear several different types of footwear. The glamorous pumps for high profile appearances. The flip flops are perfect for the casual outing. And, those who love their sneakers can wear trainers as well.

  • Printed Pants with blouse and blazer

Eva Longoria Style

We know that you need some sophisticated and refined outfits as well in the summer season. After all, you have to attend official parties and other events that demand some semblance of refinement as well.

Wear a bit conservatively printed pants with a plain blouse. Remember the points mentioned about contrast and balance in the earlier point has to be followed. Add a chic blazer to polish off the look. As mentioned earlier, the choice of footwear depends on end product you are seeking. For example, you can wear a pair of stylish pumps to create a polished chic look. And, in case you are attending an event for which slight laid back look is acceptable, wear a pair of comfy sandals.

  • Printed Pants with cropped top and leather jacket

Jourdan Dunn Style

This article would have been incomplete without this sassy and edgy outfit. This outfit idea is perfect for those who have incredible body and love to flaunt it. To make this combination work, go for pants that have a slight high waist as you will need to balance the cropped hemline of the top.

The leather jacket should have cropped design as well because if you are going to completely cover your figure what is the point of wearing a cropped top. Wear a pair of stylish heels to further elevate style quotient of this ensemble.


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