Why You Should Use Primer Before You Apply Makeup

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There are many of us who have no idea about the benefits of using a primer. Many of us even don’t know what primer is. We see it at the beauty counter and figure out it is another useless item peddled by the beauty brands. However, that is far from truth. You should know what primer is and it should be important part of your beauty routine. I knew you would be skeptical. So, here are some benefits of using a primer.

  • The most important benefit of the primer is that it seals sweat pores. So, by using it you can finally resolve your makeup melting away problem. This problem is pretty acute in summer as the liquid foundation you use really magnifies the sweat pores and activates them as well. Primer takes care of it by creating a blanket over the pores and sealing it off. It can be important in sweat proofing your make up.

Make up tips

  • Another great benefit of using a primer is that it softens your skin. Your skin will seem velvety soft after applying a primer. Also, it gives a much smoother appearance to your make up. And, we all love that kind of finish.
  • The primer is a non-comedogenic. Yes, there might be some that aren’t. But overall most of the primer variants available in the market fall in this category. I know most of you might be wondering how that benefits your skin and make up. The thing is that the non-comedogenic products doesn’t irritate your face or breaks out. It will cover your pores but won’t clog them at all. So, it is perfect for you if your skin is prone to clogged pores, which is main cause of acne problem.

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  • Now, some primers do have anti-ageing properties and some don’t have. But on the whole, the primers do have anti-ageing effect. The use of primer makes your skin appear younger. And, it achieves this effect by smoothing out fine lines, which helps in reducing the wrinkles and other signs of ageing.
  • We all have suffered with makeup not staying long enough. And, as the result, by the end of your workday, you sometimes end up looking like a mess. The primer helps your makeup stay longer. As you had read earlier, the primer decreases sweating through the pores, which in turn keeps your makeup from getting ruined. It also acts as a natural shield against dust, water and other elements that might spoil your makeup.
  • Now, many of you would be worried that an extra layer under your makeup would make it heavier. No, it will not feel like a mask on your face. It has a soft and light finish, which feels like a smooth and light lotion. Your skin might even feel lighter after you have applied primer.
  • Another benefit of the primer is that it reduces redness and won’t irritate your skin at all. Those who use it on regular basis claim that it can drastically reduce the redness issue.

Make up tips

  • In case, you suffer from acne problem, you should definitely give primer a try as it can significantly reduce acne appearance. And, it works better than any concealer. It doesn’t irritate acne and the covering effect in much subtler.
  • The best thing about this makeup product is that it works with every skin type and skin tone. There are shades you have to choose from, so there is no effect on your skin tone and appearance.
  • Last but not the least that it is very easy to apply. It will feel almost like a lotion but much lighter and far less greasy. It is a liquid that quickly dries on application. And no, it won’t feel like glue on your face.


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