Top And Skirt Combos To Rock This Summer

Paris Hilton Style

The temperatures are steadily shooting up. So, it is time to stow your favorite pair of jeans away and dust out cute and gorgeous skirts. Yes, we know you love your jeans. But it won’t cut out this season. And, we do feel your pain. So, to soothe your pain and to cheer you up like the weather outside, we have some chic and gorgeous top and skirt combos for you. Go ahead and take a look. I promise you will love it.

  • Suede Skirt and Plain Top

Alessandra Ambrosio Style

We know how gorgeous the lush texture of suede looks. And, you can incorporate these lush tones in your casual ensemble by donning a chic suede mini skirt. Go for a slightly high waist miniskirt to keep it classy and to balance the thigh grazing hemline.

Next, team this mini skirt with a plain and monochrome top. The secret of getting this look spot on is to keep it as simple as possible. This outfit has cool and minimalistic vibes that are perfect for low key and regular outings. And, the suede mini skirt is a great alternative to the denim mini skirt or shorts, which you often see in abundance in the summer season.

Complete this outfit with a pair of sandals. For sandals, you can opt to go for a gladiator sandals to slightly up the style quotient. The accessories should be kept to minimum and on the subtler side. Pair of shades and a stylish watch are acceptable additions.

  • Long Skirt and Cropped Top

Paris Hilton Style

Another chic outfit for this summer season is to pair boho inspired long skirt with a cropped top. The long skirt is one of the vintage summer items and has recently seen a revival of sorts. It is perfect for the relaxed and comfortable ensembles.

The cropped top helps in giving a modern flavor and an instant style upgrade to the classic long skirt outfits. Also, the long hemline of the skirt helps in balancing the cropped design of the top. So, on the whole, these two items perfectly complement each other to create a chic outfit that has touch of sassy vibes.

To make your ensemble bit more sassy and loaded with sex appeal, go for a lace top with a slight low cut neckline. The neckline should only tease a hint of your cleavage. Any more than that and you would be trampling over the classy vibes of the ensemble.

Keep the overall look simple and in line with the season with pair of plain footwear. The ballerina flats and sandals are perfect options. You can also polish it up with a pair of stylish pumps.

  • Pencil Skirt with a Graphic Tee

Olivia Wilde Style

The pencil skirt is usually considered as a formal wear staple. In fact, it is the most common worn formal apparel. However, we will use it to create a sassy and street style look for your stylish summer outings.

Pair a dark shade pencil skirt with a graphic tee for an edgy and eclectic look. Now, these two articles might belong to two contrasting dressing styles. But in this outfit they will work perfectly.

This outfit is perfect for those with petite body shapes. The pencil skirt with high waist will elongate figure and the curve hugging design will amplify the slender curves. Add a pair of towering heels to the ensemble to further increase your height.

This outfit is also well suited for those with apple shaped body type. The skinny fitting of the pencil skirt will highlight lower body curves and draw eyes downwards. The top should have a slight slouchy silhouette to accentuate your upper body curves and make it proportionate with lower body curves.


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