Tips To Straighten Your Hair Like An Expert

Hair Straightening Tips

We all drool when we see out favorite celebs rocking straight smooth hair on the red carpet. The straight flowing locks would certainly be there on hairstyle goals list of many women. And, many would have given it a try to get that gorgeous frizz free sleek hairdo. And, many have experienced disappointment in doing so. Of course, straightening your hair isn’t a rocket science. However, to say it is a very straight forward process would also be wrong. It can easily go wrong. So, here are some tips that will help you straighten hair like an expert.

  • All flat irons aren’t equal

Hair Straightening Tips

Yep, you read it right. And, it is a wrong notion that many hold. A single flat iron won’t be suited for all. The length and your hair type should determine which flatiron will suit you better. Choosing the right flatiron will make hair straightening infinitely effective and efficient. Otherwise, you are just blundering along, leaving some hair curls as they are and damaging others.

Those with short or fine hair should go for flat iron with narrow plates, ranging from half an inch to one inch thickness. This size of heat tongs would be easier to use and will drastically cut down chances of hair damage.

Those with long or thick locks should opt for an iron with wider plates. The wider plates will help you cover more surface, which in turn will significantly decrease hair straightening time. It will also straighten hair more effectively.

  • Prep hair properly

Hair Straightening Tips

For an effective hair straightening process, prepping your hair in a right way is very important. In fact, by doing it right, you are getting nearly half the work done properly. For starters, you should use hydrating shampoo and conditioner. And yes, you should wash your hair before you clip it in the flatiron. Otherwise, you would end up baking dirt and other products residue in your locks.

For fine hair, apply volumizing mousse over your wet strands. Use a natural bristle brush to blow dry locks. Lift hair at the roots to work in volume. For thick hair, apply smoothening serum over your locks. Next, subject your locks to a smooth blow out.

  • Separate hair in sections

Hair Straightening Tips

This small trick that can make a huge difference to the quality of hair straightening. Instead of grabbing random sections of hair and running flatiron over it, separate hair in proper manageable sections. First, clip the top section of hair over your head. Now, take one to two inch hair section and glide iron over it. When you are done with the lower sections, unclip the top section and separate it in sections. Also, always start hair straightening about half an inch from the hair roots. This will help you retain hair volume and your hairstyle won’t end up looking flat or limp.

Plus, the flat iron should be glided over hair in a smooth and steady motion. You can’t smoothen out curl by stopping hair iron over it. If your hair aren’t straightening properly, you haven’t separated hair in proper sections.

  • Clean your iron

Hair Straightening Tips

As you might have noticed that you would be covering your hair with products (serum or mousse). So, over time product build up accumulates over the tongs of flatiron. And, it can reduce the efficiency of the iron as the heat distribution can become uneven.  Also, you risk baking the product residue in your hair next time you use it. After every use, clean the iron with an iron cleaner or lukewarm water and a cloth. However, this should only be done after the iron has cooled down.


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