Tips On How To Rock Maxi Skirt

Alessandra Ambrosio Style

The maxi skirt has often received a lot of bad press for being boring and too dull for the modern fashion. Plus, it is believed that the maxi dress looks only good on the slim and long body types. However, with the current fashion trends leaning heavily towards retro and boho style, the maxi skirt is experiencing a bit of revival. Also, some of the celebrities and fashion bloggers have proved that you can look great in maxi dress. Here are some outfit ideas.

  • Maxi Skirt with Vest Top

Padma Lakshmi Style

We will begin our list with a great summer outfit, which will provide comfort without compromising on your style. This outfit idea is perfect for casual outings on the weekends or for a trip down to the supermarket. Opt for a low cut top and you can make it certain that your special someone will have only eye for you.

Team up comfy and cool vest top with a stylish maxi dress for a chic casual outfit. The choice of the maxi skirt is yours. However, it is advised that if you are going to wear a printed maxi skirt, then the vest top should be plain. This will preserve the balance and will ensure that the focus remains on your gorgeous skirt.

Another reason why this combination works is that the vest top tones down boring and dull aspect of the maxi dress. It gives a slight modern and sassy feel to the maxi skirt. The ideal choice of footwear for this ensemble is plain sandals or flip flops. Also, preserve the laid back vibes by keeping jewelry and accessories to the bare minimum.

  • Maxi Skirt with Light Jumper

Jessica Alba Style

I agree that this isn’t exactly summer dress. But it looks so chic and gorgeous and you can wear it when the temperatures momentarily dip after rain or at the start of the season. You have to make some concessions for such a classy ensemble.

Pair a stylish maxi skirt with a light jumper. Try to keep the base color palette of both apparels similar to get most out of this combination. Like Jessica Alba here, you can go full boho by wearing a loose and slouchy jumper. The matching silhouette of both items makes this combination look great.

Despite oozing boho vibes, this is more of a refined look. Therefore, you will have to select the footwear accordingly. Again, taking a leaf from Jessica Alba’s stylebook, I will suggest that you go for a pair of stylish ankle boots.

  • Maxi Skirt with cropped top and button down

Jessica Alba Style

Next on our list, we have a layered outfit that will allow you to flaunt a bit of your stunning body. Pair your stylish maxi skirt with a cropped top. The natural high waist of the maxi skirt will balance out the revealing design of your cropped top. So, a bit of sex appeal won’t come at the cost of refinement.

Layer your cropped top with a button down skirt to give sophisticated feel to your outfit. However, wear it unbuttoned to ensure you aren’t messing with the purpose of the cropped top. Roll up the sleeves over your elbows. To complete your ensemble, go for a pair of slider sandals. The jewelry should be kept to bare minimum. A pair of sunglasses can be a good addition.

  • Maxi Skirt with blouse and blazer

Olivia Palermo Style

This outfit idea proves that maxi skirt is much more than simple boho item. It also proves that you can wear it for refined and polished occasions as well. Wear a plain blouse with a maxi skirt. You will have to tuck the blouse into your skirt.

Polish off by adding a chic blazer to your ensemble. Complete this look by wearing a pair of glamorous pumps. Unlike other outfit ideas mentioned earlier, you will have to accessorize this look with some stylish jewelry. Opt for some designer bracelets and cuffs.


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