This Summer Go Jeans Free with These Pants Outfits

Summer Style Ideas

Women and jeans is the biggest love affair of the modern times. If you ask us about our top three favorite dressing items, the chances are that all three would be different variants of jeans. But when the temperatures are soaring and the air is loaded with humidity, it is impossible to wear jeans and be comfortable at the same time. And, if you aren’t comfortable, what is the point of wearing it. Therefore, pants seems to be better alternative. And, you can create stylish outfits with pants too. Here are some outfit ideas.

  • Cargo pants with vest top

Vanessa Hudgens Style

The cargo pants have received a lot of bad rep as it has slight masculine vibes. However, don’t let it deter you from wearing cargo pants this summer. When styled right, the cargo pants can be as good as any pants. And, when you consider how comfy cargos are, it makes it even better option than your favorite pair of jeans.

You can pair it with a vest top to create a perfect casual summer look. This combination has generous dollops of laid back vibes and is very comfortable. And, as you don’t have to spend too much time styling it, it should be your ideal go to outfit. Complete look with a pair of flip flops or sandals. To polish it up, wear a pair of stylish sunglasses. You can draw eye to the cleavage with a sleek longline necklace.

  • Capri Pants with button down blouse

Capri Pants Ideas

Of course, we understand that you have to attend parties and functions. Also, not to forget dates at trendy restaurants and eateries. And, to say that the cargo pants aren’t suitable for such occasions would be to state the obvious. For such occasions, you can bank on the flared leg Capri pants.

The cropped wide leg trousers with a high waist are perfect for polished and refined outfits. You can pair it with a button down blouse for a chic and sophisticated look, which would be well suited for your lunch date as well as work place functions. The high waist of the pants give lovely balance to the overall ensemble. Wear a pair of glamorous pumps to look at your refined best. Accessorize with sleek and delicate pieces to take it to the next level.

  • Capri Pants with cropped blouse

Gigi Hadid Style

Sometimes you just want to flaunt the fruits of your grueling fitness regime. And, I am not talking about beach. I am talking about the desire to show off your gorgeous body subtly to your special someone during a date.

The combination of capri pants and cropped blouse is perfect for this purpose. The cropped blouse should have a bit conservative neckline if you are going for a sophisticated look. This way only a small portion of your taut midsection would be visible. This outfit works on less is more motto. Round it off by wearing a pair of stylish boots.

  • Wide Leg Pants with a tee

Dakota Fanning Style

Last but not the least we have the simple combination of wide leg pants and a tee, which is perfect for running errands or for shopping trips on the weekend. For a streamline look, loosely tuck tee into your pants in the front.

Wear a sleek belt over your trousers to create a waist and round off with a pair of loafers. You can go for a bit polished loafers if you want a bit of style upgrade. Accessorize with your favorite pair of sunglasses, which will also keep out fierce sun. You need to stay away from jewelry for this one.


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