How To Style Mini Skirt For Gorgeous Summer Looks

There is no better way to celebrate the summer season other than wearing a cool mini skirt for your first outing with your best friends. It might have got some bad rep about a decade ago but in current fashion trends mini skirt is the absolute star of the summer street style. And, the great thing is that it offers stunning versatility with suitability for sassy as well as polished chic style. Below are some of the coolest summer looks that you can create with mini skirt.

  • Suede Mini Skirt with Airy Blouse

Vanessa Hudgens Mini Skirt

We will begin our list with a sartorial suede miniskirt. I believe there is no better way to show off your toned and gorgeous legs apart from a suede mini skirt. Go for a mini skirt with a high waist and a bit longish hemline. The high waist is particularly helpful for those with petite body type. The high waist helps in elongating the figure and as a bonus emphasizes your midsection as well.

And, if you do have a toned stomach, pair it with a cropped billowy blouse. The high waist of the mini skirt will help balance the cropped hemline of the blouse and will ensure that your ensemble looks chic and classy.

However, make sure that the blouse has light color tones and the design is on the simpler side. This will maintain balance in the ensemble and will ensure that the focus rests on the mini skirt. To further strengthen exotic vibes of the ensemble, wear a pair of suede ankle boots. Add a pair of wayfarer shades and you are all set for a lunch date with your boyfriend.

  • Denim Mini Skirt with Plain Tee

Emily Ratajkowski Mini Skirt

As I said earlier, mini skirt gives you immense versatility. For example, the denim mini skirt is perfectly suited for creating a laid back off duty look, which will be perfect for your casual stroll on the weekends and for a trip down to the supermarket.

The combination of a stylish denim miniskirt and a plain tee is perfect for those who love to go for a minimal chic looks. This combination also oozes laid back sex appeal and helps you show off your toned legs in the most understated way. In case, you have great body, you can opt to tie up the hemline of the tee in the front to show off your taut tummy as well.

In terms of footwear, you have lot of options as well. You can wear a pair of flip flops for a very relaxed look. Or, you can wear a pair of stylish ankle boots for a more refined look that is well suited for a date or meeting up your friends for a weekend brunch.

  • Printed Mini Skirt with Plain Blouse

Reese Witherspoon Mini Skirt

This combination is for those who love Southern Belle dressing style. The printed mini skirt will draw eye downwards to your toned legs and the plain blouse will lend a gorgeous balance to your chic ensemble.

Go for bright prints and patterns as they are perfect for the summery season and will keep you cool as well. The floral prints are especially huge attraction this season. If you want to play it safe, you should pair it with a white blouse. It will work with almost every color and every style of pattern.

You should wear more feminine footwear. That means the sneakers and loafers aren’t ideal choice. Ballerina flats and colored pumps will be much better suited. And, for jewelry go for sleek and delicate pieces.


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