Saoirse Ronan Hair, Hairstyle, Haircut, Hair Color


Saoirse Ronan

Saoirse Ronan looked flawless and stunning in a nude colored gown with a plunging neckline that teased a hint of her cleavage, a small cut out in the middle that gave a tiny glimpse of her taut midsection and curve hugging design that did full justice to her svelte figure as she posed for the photographs on the red carpet at the 2016 Tony Awards held at the Beacon Theatre on June 12, 2016 in New York City.

Hair Color

Dark Brown

The 22 year old Irish-American actress decided to wear her glossy dark brunette locks in a classy hairdo, which was a perfect foil for her classy gown that drew plenty of attention to her cleavage with a plunging neckline and emphasized her slender midsection and accentuated her slender curves with a figure hugging design, which also helped elongate her svelte figure.

Hair Length


As you can see in the picture, Saoirse had opted to gather her brunette tresses in a tied up hairdo, which makes it difficult for us to ascertain her hair length at the event. So, as the norm is, we will go with her usual hair length for this section.

Hair Style

Sleek Bun

She opted to coif her fine medium length brunette locks in a sleek bun hairdo for the high profile event. She had parted her locks neatly down the middle and brushed it back away from her face. Also, her hair were tucked behind her ears, which helped show off dangling and sparkling earrings. Her chic tied up hairdo helped direct focus on her pretty face.

Highlight Color


She went for minimal blonde highlights to take the style quotient of her hair style a notch higher. It also gave a modern vibes to her vintage hairstyle.

Hair Texture


For her classy outing, Saoirse opted to wear her blonde highlighted glossy locks in a classy straight textured hairstyle, which was well supported by her polished make up, including a coat of bright red shade on her lips, polished application of rosy hued blush on her cheeks and slick of black eyeliner.

Hair Accessories


Professional Tip

Apply hair styling oil over your damp locks. Use a comb to spread it evenly. Next, give your hair a smooth blow out. Smooth your locks with a paddle brush. Create a center part with rattail brush and gather locks in a ponytail at the crown of your head. Fashion ponytail in a sleek bun. Take oil on the fingertips and brush through over the sides and top.


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