How To Rock Leather Pants Like A Style Diva

Lucy Liu Style

The leather pants are considered as one of the most difficult pieces to pull off. First of all, it is exclusive for a very selective body types. If your body isn’t slim and trim, you will find it very difficult to pull off. Also, it is slightly uncomfortable to squeeze your body in tight leather pants. However, if you love to take risks and feel you can pull it off, go ahead. And, here are some ideas to help you pull it off.

  • Leather Pants with shirt and sweater

Julianne Hough Style

We will kick off our list with a sophisticated and chic ensemble with tinge of refined formal vibes. This combination also proves that you can in fact wear leather pants for polished look. Pair your leather pants with a button down blouse. Next, top it off by layering a plain sweater over it.

Now, to make this combination work you will have to keep color palette stable of the ensemble. The shades of all the clothing pieces should correspond with each other and there shouldn’t be too much of a contrast. Another thing to be kept in mind is that you have to keep it simple, which means the sweater should have monochrome design. It goes without saying that the jewelry and accessories should be kept on subtle side.

To complete this smart edgy ensemble, go for a pair of smart oxfords. Now, it can’t be said that you can wear it to your office, but it surely is suitable for the refined occasions. It is perfect option when you are going out for a dinner with your special someone.

  • Leather Pants with denim shirt

Gigi Hadid Style

Like Gigi Hadid in the above image, you can pair exotic leather pants with a rugged denim shirt. This outfit rates very highly on the chic edgy style and is perfect outfit, when you want to grab plenty of attention without having to indulge in flesh show.

This outfit combines two of the most underused and intimidating dressing items. And, manages to get most out of both. Now, you can opt to leave your shirt untucked but this combination will look better with more streamlined look. It will allow focus to remain on your pants. Also, roll your sleeves up for a sleeker finish.

There are two options in terms of footwear. The sneakers are perfect for a casual outing and the stylish pumps for a bit dressed up occasion. Leave the top buttons open and wear a delicate necklace to draw eye to your cleavage.

  • Leather Pants with plain tee

Angie Harmon Style

There is nothing more convenient than throwing a plain tee with jeans for an impromptu outfit. And, you can do the same thing for leather pants as well. To make this combination look exceedingly chic, pair black leather pants with a plain white tee. You can never go wrong with classic white and black combination. Remember the hemline of the tee should be bit longish.

Wear a pair of sneakers to give casual finish to your ensemble. You can also opt to wear pumps as well. The black polished pumps are especially perfect option for the black and white combination. You should completely refrain from jewelry. You can wear a designer watch to spice it up.

  • Leather Pants with oversized jumper

Nicky Hilton Style

This simple combination is well suited for a simple casual look during the cold winter months. The baggy silhouette of the jumper will help in balancing out the snug fitting design of the pants. Try to go for a striped or plain jumper for this combination.

When it comes to footwear you have lots of options for this ensemble. You can go with knee high boots, ankle boots or even heels. It all depends on your taste. Accessorize with a pair of stylish shades.


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