How To Rock Boyfriend Jeans Like a Pro


Karlie Kloss Style

Jeans are the evergreen fashion staple that works with plethora of clothing articles for several different dressing styles. And, the casual and chic vibe, jeans bring to any outfit is the added bonus. However, with the skinny jeans, the comfort had gone slightly down. But the boyfriend jeans have addressed that problem as well. You see with boyfriend jeans, you don’t have to compromise on comfort for chic and style. And, we have to thank Megan Fox for making it popular. So here are some chic ideas to help you rock boyfriend jeans like a pro.

  • Double Denim Trend

Jaime King Style

The double denim trend has been going pretty strong this season. It has been a big hit at the various fashion shows and has been a part of lot of spring collections. This combination looks extremely chic and cool. And, it is very easy to style. All you have to do is pair a chic denim button down shirt with a boyfriend jeans.

The color tone of both the dressing item shouldn’t be same. One has to be darker and the other lighter to make this trend work perfectly. You can take a style inspiration from Jaime King here. The rolled up cuffs of her jeans elevates the style quotient of her ensemble and the little exposed ankle looks great. Her plain white sneakers enforces the laid back vibes of her look. And, the stylish shades polishes off her look.

  • Relaxed Casual Winter Look

Elsa Hosk Style

Pair your relaxed boyfriend jeans with a loose jumper for a cool and relaxed casual winter look. Go for a bright colored warm tones to get this look perfectly this summer. Also, the jumper should have a slight baggy and slouchy silhouette to enforce the relaxed chic vibes.

To keep the look slightly streamlined, tuck the sweater into jeans in the front. Also, remember the jeans should have slightly regular appearance. The ripped or very distressed jeans wouldn’t be suited for this look as we are going for understated casual look. The choice of footwear should be simple sneakers and keep look clean of any bling. A pair of sunglasses is perfect accessory for this ensemble.

  • Polished Chic Look

Kirsten Dunst Style

The boyfriend jeans is well suited for refined and polished dressing styles as well. This is another second chin winter outfit that you can create using a boyfriend jeans. Pair a plain boyfriend jeans with a simple blouse or button down shirt. And, round it off with an elegant blazer or pea coat. This look is perfectly suited for attending high profile functions as well as for a visit to the art gallery.

You should go for plain dressing pieces for this look. You can take a cue from Kirsten Dunst as she rocks navy blue blazer and light blue jeans. Like her you can complete your look with sleek pumps. For elevated style, roll up jean cuffs and wear pair of bold colored pumps.

  • Flirty Summer Look

Boyfriend jeans style

Who says you always have to be understated and boring while wearing a pair of boyfriend jeans? You can create a sexy and flirty look with a pair of boyfriend jeans as well. Pair your jeans with a cropped top and show off your toned midriff this summer. You can take sex appeal to the next level by wearing a semi sheer cropped top. You can select footwear depending on overall finish you want. For example, for a relaxed and walk on the beach style finish, you can opt to wear a pair of sneakers. The pair of pumps are more suited for an elevated and refined finish.


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