Rihanna April 1 2016 Clothes Shoes Jewelry Makeup

Rihanna Outfit

Apart from being one of the best-selling pop artists, Rihanna has developed quite a reputation for her love of unconventional and eye catching outfits. And, to be fair, she manages to rock each one of them. On April 1, 2016, as she stepped out to the Black Girls Rock! event in New Jersey, she was seen rocking another unique and quirky ensemble featuring a baggy blue shirt, which she had worn unbuttoned.


Blue Shirt and White Shorts

The 28 year old pop sensation with penchant for head turning appearances turned in another sultry outing by turning a formal blue shirt into a risque attire. She wore classic, double pocket blue shirt unbuttoned, which helped her tease a glimpse of her famous cleavage and helped flaunt her chest tattoo. She paired shirt with tiny white shorts, which drew attention to her toned and long legs. You can always trust Rihanna to turn the classic and elegant blue and white combo to something incredibly sexy and glamorous.


Black Stilettos

The Bajan bombshell donned a pair of towering black stilettos to complete her sensational and eye catching outfit. Apart from adding couple of inches to her lithe frame, her black heels, which were embellished with shiny pearls, added bling to her overall ensemble as well.


Embellished Clutch and Gold Clips

She added some more sparkling bling to her sexy look by accessorizing with a bejeweled clutch. She also added gold hair clips to her ensemble, which held her brunette locks in place. To balance out gold clips, she opted to go for a simple loose locks hairdo.


Necklaces, Earrings, Anklets and lots of Statement Rings

Rihanna has never been fan of any kind of moderation and she certainly went overboard when it came to jewelry. She wore large decorative cross necklace that drew more attention to her cleavage. Another gold necklace, which wore close to her neck, added touch of glamour. She had her hands decorated with lots of large statement rings. For ear jewelry, she went for simple pearl studding earrings. And, lastly she wore edgy anklets to draw attention to her sexy legs.


To complement her glamorous look, Rihanna went for polished and dramatic make up. Her make up included slick of shiny pale lip color and dark eye shadow and eyeliner, which drew attention to her beautiful eyes.


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