Olivia Wilde Mar 28 2016 Clothes Shoes Jewelry Makeup

Olivia Wilde Outfit

Olivia Wilde looked hip and stylish as she stepped out in fierce and casual chic ensemble after grabbing lunch in an upscale eatery in Big Apple neighborhood of New York City on March 28, 2016. Also, while strolling on the busy street of Big Apple, she didn’t even recognize veteran actress Meg Ryan, who was chatting on her phone, despite starring with her son on hit HBO show Vinyl.


Leggings, Sweater and Satin Jacket

For her stylish outing on the Monday noon, Olivia decided to go for a stylish all black ensemble. She wore snug fitting black leggings, which were tucked into her boots, and paired it with a classy black sweater with white stripped borders. She opted to lend fierce style element to her casual ensemble by donning a sleek and fitted black satin jacket.


Leather Knee Length Boots

The 32 year old America actress further strengthened fierce and street style element of her look by donning a pair of black leather knee length boots, which with leggings tucked in, created a clean straight line that elongated her sculpted pins.


Sunglasses and Leather Clutch

Olivia decided to play it cool by concealing her beautiful eyes behind black mirrored and round frame sunglasses, which oozed super cool vibes. She accessorized her fashionable and hip look with a small brown leather clutch. She also had a rainbow-coloured umbrella dangled on same arm. Plus, she clutched her white smartphone in one hand.



Apart from her sparkling wedding ring, Olivia refrained from any jewelry as she wanted to emphasize and keep focus rested on her casual style.


Olivia’s pretty face, which was framed by her flowing brunette tresses, had a very subtle make up that sought to play up her natural beauty. Her minimal make up included swipe of nude gloss on her lips and minimal blush on her cheeks. The main focus was on highlighting her flawless complexion and setting it off against her dark monochrome ensemble.


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