Olivia Palermo Hair, Hairstyle, Haircut, Hair Color

Olivia Palermo amfAR Dinner Paris
Olivia Palermo at the amfAR Dinner in Paris.

Born Name

Olivia Palermo


Olivia was born on February 28, 1986.

Born Place

Greenwich, Connecticut, U.S.


Socialite, actress, model

Natural Hair Color

Light Brown

Social Presence

Visit her official website @ www.oliviapalermo.com.

Hear more from Olivia on Twitter, FacebookInstagram, Pinterest, and Google+.

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Olivia Palermo hairstyle 2016

Olivia Palermo once again flaunted her incredible style sense by opting to dress up in a sophisticated ensemble that had a hint of quirky and edgy vibes as she stepped out for a casual outing Brooklyn neighborhood in New York City on August 18, 2016. She opted to wear nude shade blouse with black sheer overlay and a pair of black trousers with black pipping on the sides and shoulder bands.

Hair Color

Dark Brown

The 30 year old socialite was spotted during her casual outing with her dark brunette locks worn in a sleek hairstyle, which was a perfect choice considering her bit quirky dressing ensemble that included blouse with sheer overlay, which gave a racy illusion to her attire and a pair of black trousers with high waist, which emphasized her slender waist along with highlighting her long legs.

Hair Length


As she had opted to slick her dark brunette locks in a tied up hairstyle, it is difficult for us to ascertain her hair length during her outing. So, we will go with her usual hair length for this section, which is medium length.

Hair Style

Sleek Bun

Olivia decided to coif her glossy medium length tresses in a sleek bun hairdo for her outing. She had parted her locks neatly down the middle and slicked her hair behind ears as well, which gave a sleek finish to her hairdo. Also, her stylish hairstyle helped her make her pretty face center of attention.

Highlight Color

Honey Blonde

She opted to go for honey blonde highlights to ramp up style of her chic hairstyle. The highlights were present on lower side sections and hair present in the bun.

Hair Texture


For her stylish outing, she had decided to coif her silky medium length locks in a straight textured hairstyle, which was well supported by her polished makeup that included a touch of berry pink shade on her lips and polished dab of rosy hued blush on her cheeks, which beautifully complemented her flawless complexion.

Hair Accessories


Professional Tip

To keep your bun from unravelling and to make sure it remains in perfect shape all day long, mist sea salt spray over the bobby pins. This will increase surface friction, which will ensure that pins doesn’t slip out even if you are bursting some moves on the dance floor. Other alternative is to sprinkle powder over the pins.


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