Olivia Culpo April 3 2016 Clothes Shoes Jewelry Makeup

Olivia Culpo Outfit

Olivia Culpo flaunted her flawless style and supermodel sex appeal as she stepped out for a stroll in the streets of Los Angeles on April 3, 2016. The 23 year old American beauty opted to give a modern and sultry twist to the simple bohemian inspired loose maxi dress for her casual outing on Sunday morning.


Maxi Dress

The 2012 Miss USA pageant winner opted to go for a relaxed boho touched casual look for her outing in the sunny California weather. She wore a black maxi dress covered with abstract prints and patterns. Her maxi dress had a very deep neckline, which ended just above her navel. This plunging neckline helped her flaunt her ample cleavage and highlight her flawless complexion. She further enhanced sex appeal by going for a hip high side slit that completely put her toned long legs on display. She had bunched up the sleeves of her dress up to the elbows. Olivia created a defined waist in her loose, flowing dress by belting it over.



The Rhode Island native rounded of her sophisticated and risque bohemian look by wearing a pair of brown leather stilettos. Her high heels along with polishing up her look, enhanced style quotient of her ensemble.


Belt and Handbag

Olivia opted to accessorize her look with brown wide leather belt, which helped her create a waist in her loose maxi dress. The belt, which was of matching color as her heels, highlighted her slender waist and accentuated her curves as well. Her other accessory was a black handbag, which she had slung over her right shoulder.


Finger Ring

Olivia displayed tremendous style foresight by keeping her look clean and minimal. Adding bling to her look, would have certainly spoiled the relaxed and cool vibes of her look. She only wore couple of rings on her left hand and one on her right hand.


Olivia complemented her classy casual look by opting for sophisticated make up theme. She slicked her lips with strawberry pink color, daubed her cheeks with rosy blush and went for light purple eye shadow to go with minimal slick of black eyeliner.


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