Naomi Watts April 2 2016 Clothes Shoes Jewelry Makeup

Naomi Watts Outfit

Naomi Watts was recently made the cover girl of for NewBeauty’s latest issue. At age of 47, when most women struggle to retain their style and charm, Naomi is still going strong as evident by her stylish outing in New York City on April 2, 2016. The blonde beauty, who has turned in several red carpet appearances, went for a nautical inspired chic look for her casual outing.


Cropped Pants, Stripped Top and Blazer

The British actress went for a very polished and sophisticated casual look for her outing, on which she was joined by her two children. The stylish blonde wore fitted cropped navy blue trousers with hem ending couple of inches above her ankles. This certainly did shrink her petite figure but looked extremely chic. She paired her classy pants with a full sleeve white top with black stripes, lending a touch of nautical style elements to her look. She topped her look with a classy black woolen blazer. She had sleeves of blazer and top rolled up.


Ballerina Flats

She completed her classy and cool casual ensemble by wearing black ballerina flats. Her flats kept her look bit understated but it seemed to be completely in sync with her overall ensemble. And, it certainly is more comfortable than heels, especially when you are strolling around in the city.


Sunglasses, Knapsack and Handbag

Naomi opted to introduce bit eclectic style vibes to her look by donning yellow sunglasses with black shades. It also added retro vibes to her look. She also carried a fashionable black handbag, which she had strapped across her body. Plus, she added a pop of color to her look by carrying a maroon knapsack over her right shoulder.


Eclectic Necklace and Ring

Naomi opted to keep it minimal when it came to jewelry. She wore a sleek gold necklace with moon and flower shaped pendants. She also had a sleek ring on second finger of her left hand.


Naomi went for subtle and classy make up to complement her eclectic chic look. She wore bright pink gloss on her lips and had minimal blush on her glowing cheeks.


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