Must Have Staples for Every Woman’s Wardrobe

Must have staples

A woman’s wardrobe can never be complete. There is always that one attire, which you have to buy. The changing fashion trends aren’t helpful either. You see your favorite blogger rocking a new outfit inspired by the trends at the fashion weeks. And, you instantly get craving to wear it too. However, there are certain staples that are must have as they will stand you in good stead in almost every season and any occasion. Here are the must have staples, which would be your best options in any situation.

  • Black Pants

Black pants outfit

A pair of sleek black trousers with a flattering fit is one of the most versatile piece you will ever own. Not only it transcends every fashion trend, but can be flattering for women of every shape and size. And, the best thing is that you can wear black pants with almost everything and for any occasion.

The most obvious black pants outfit idea is to pair it with a crisp white button down shirt for the cool office look. You can add a well stitched blazer in a bid to polish up ensemble and to look your best at the high profile meeting.

There are some hip ways to wear black pants as well. For example, if you want to show off your taut tummy during a date or late night outing, you can pair it up with a white bandeau top. And, if you are bold enough, tease a glimpse of your cleavage as well.

  • Button Down Shirt

Button Down Style

This is another versatile piece that is absolutely must have. We all know that a well fitted button down shirt is the most convenient and safest pairing for trousers. I mean this is most common official attire. You can add a blazer to make it sophisticated enough for any official event. Or better yet, replace trousers with a pencil skirt.

The button down shirt is also an ideal option when you are hosting your partner’s work friends for Sunday brunch. Pair it with a nice pair of jeans and you are good to go. You can also wear it while meeting up your friends for weekend brunch as well. Just wear a pair of sleek pumps to elevate your style.

Another option is to pair your crisp white button down shirt with denim shorts for a flirty and relaxed summer look. Wear a pair of tan heeled sandals and you have a stylish look for your regular shopping trip in the city.

  • Black Pumps

Black pumps

If they knew the importance of the black pumps in modern times, they would have replaced glass slipper with black leather heels in the Cinderella fairy tale. This stylish staple has stood test of times and has been around for decades now. The fashion trends have come and gone but the importance of leather pumps has not decreased one bit. Much of its popularity is due to its immense versatility. It is a go-to option for formal and casual events, jeans or pants, celebration or funerals.

  • Day Dress

Day dress style

Now, although pants cover most of the bases, a day dress is still a must have ace in your wardrobe. It is best suited and most appropriate choice of outfit for semi formal events such as luncheons and bridal showers. And, it is very handy when you are running short of time.

You can wear it for casual events as well. For example, wear it with a pair of sleek sandals for a visit to the art gallery with your pals. You can also wear the same combination for a lunch date as well.


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