Must Know Shoe Hacks For This Summer

Shoe hacks summer

While summer is a wonderful season, it brings its own problems. We are not talking about the soaring temperatures outside. However, we are talking about the problems hot and humid weather causes, which concerns your attire and footwear. Take this for an example, you are heading out for dinner date and you feel a sudden tinge of pain caused by the blister. Now, what should you do? You can’t hop around, especially, if you have a date at a high end restaurant.

Here is another one. You are walking around with your friend during a shopping trip and you get that uncomfortable feeling, which comes with sandals sticking to your feet. So, here are some shoe hacks that would stand you in good stead this summer.

  • Avoid Blisters

Blister shoe hacks

The painful blisters are a common occurrence in the summer season. And, this problem isn’t solely limited to wearing heels only. Even the comfortable ballet flats and sneakers are liable to cause this uncomfortable problem. To take care of it, apply deodorant to the blister prone area, such as back of the heels and the outside of the big toes. The deodorant will ease the friction that could cause blisters.

In case, you still have blister problem, go for lubricants such as Vaseline and K-Y jelly. However, some experts are firmly against using Vaseline as it can potentially ruin your new shoes. It might be useful for breaking in new sneakers.

  • Stinky Shoes

Stinky footwear hacks

The odor of the leather mixed up with smell of your sweat can cause quite a bit of stink. And, the smell that comes from this mixture is awful. The perspiration can also lead to leather of your footwear sticking to your feet in a most uncomfortable way. However, you can remedy these problems by spraying a bit of dry shampoo inside your shoes in the morning before wearing. The same way in which it absorbs excess oil from the hair, it will also keep your feet fresh and dry.

  • Too tight straps across your foots or toes

Tight Shoe Hacks

You want to wear your new footwear but unfortunately they seem to be too tight across straps. Yes, we know they were perfect when you bought them. It happens with all of us. Sigh. Anyways, you can easily take care of it. Fill a plastic bag with a water and seal it. Now, stuff it in your shoes and leave them in the freezer over night. In  the morning, you will have shoes that fit perfectly as the leather would be stretched. However, you need to be absolutely sure that you want to stretch your shoes as you won’t be able to reverse the effect. Also, it is advised to take your expensive pair of shoes to be professionally stretched.

  • White dirty sneakers

Sneaker shoe hacks

Getting those stains off your favorite sneakers is a bit annoying task. You can spend hours rubbing it but some stains won’t come off. However, there is an easy and effective way. Apply white vinegar over the stains and take a toothbrush to rub it off. You can take care of the most stubborn stains in this way.

  • Slippery Sandals

Sandal Shoe Hacks

So many of us have suffered the misfortune of slipping and falling by the poolside while wearing new sandals. Injury or not, it is a very painful experience. Rub the soles of your sandals with a sandpaper and you will get a friction that could save you from your next slippery and embarrassing experience. In case, you don’t have a sandpaper, you can mark the soles of your shoes with an X pattern with a pair of scissors.


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