Must Have Denim Staples In Your Wardrobe

Although denim was specially designed for working men and to withstand rough and tough working conditions, it has evolved to become a key element of any woman’s wardrobe. To simply put women never get enough of denims. Once they find a perfect pair of jeans, they make sure that they have it in every color. The best thing about denim is that it is flattering for women with any body shape and type. In this article, we will list the must have denim essentials in your wardrobe.

  • Cropped Denim Jeans

Gigi Hadid Denim

Couple of years ago, if you wore a pair of cropped jeans, you would have attracted couple of quizzical stares. If you wanted to show a bit of ankle, jeans wasn’t the right choice. However, fast forward to present fashion trends, almost every fashion blogger worth its salt prefers to wear a pair of jeans with a little bit of ankle visible.

The skinny cropped jeans are particularly famous. The snug fitted design with a hemline ending at the slimmest part of the leg has a wonderful slimming and elongating effect on your pins. Just make sure it doesn’t end to far up on the calves or just at the ankles. It should hit just couple of inches above ankles. You can also roll up the cuffs of your favorite jeans to create cropped look.

Wearing cropped jeans is also a perfect opportunity to wear your most glamorous pair of shoes. The cropped cuffs always draw eye to your feet. So, make sure you are wearing best pair of footwear. Your comfy flip flops won’t simply cut it.

  • Denim Shorts

Olivia Culpo Denim

What can be a better way to show off your gorgeous legs and beat the soaring summer temperature other than a pair of cool denim shorts? A pair of denim shorts helps you in perfectly balancing the racy and relaxed vibes. And, it is far more versatile than many credit it for. You can wear a pair of distressed denim shorts with a simple tee for a flirty and cool off duty look. Or pair it with a plunging vest top and ensure that all eyes would be on you.

And, with some tweaking you can wear it for bit dressed up occasions as well. For a date night, you can go for a pair of shorts with a bit longish hemline and a high waist. Take an example of Olivia Culpo here, she pairs her polished denim shorts with a printed blouse and layers it up with a leather jacket for her date night. She keeps jewelry to the bare minimum to keep her look classy.

  • Distressed Boyfriend Denim Jeans

Jessica Alba Denim

The popularity of the skinny denims is on wane among those who prefer comfort and freedom of movement. It is a well-known fact that wearing a pair of skinnies in the simmering summer can be an infernal torture. In comparison, the loose fitting boyfriend jeans is a far more comfortable option. And, those pieces with distressed finish help you make a lot of lost ground in terms of style. The laid back vibes of these denims is perfect for summer season. Go for lighter shades.

And, it is very simple to style boyfriend jeans. Just keep it simple for cool and laid back off duty ensembles. Pair it with a plain blouse or an oversized tee. For a more head turning ensemble, go for a funky jeans. However, in such case, you will have to pair it with a simple monochrome top. You can take inspiration from Jessica Alba for such a look.


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