Maria Sharapova May 22 2016 Clothes Shoes Jewelry Makeup

Maria Sharapova Outfit

Maria Sharapova looked carefree from her recent doping scandal during her outing in London on May 22, 2016. The high profile tennis star was at her stylish best as she opted to dress up in a chic ensemble comprising of cropped trousers, striped tee and long brown cardigan while stepping out to grab a bite at Bluebird restaurant in London’s Chelsea neighborhood.


Capri Trousers, Striped Blouse and Brown Cardigan

The 29 year old Tennis player and model decided to go for a polished off duty look for her dinner date at the upscale restaurant in the English capital. She wore a pair of black Capri trousers with an asymmetrical cuffs which ended some inches short of her ankles. The exposed portion of her leg further elongated her statuesque figure. Also, her trousers had a high waist which had the same effect and highlighted her slender waist as well.

She opted to give a nautical spin to her ensemble by adding a black and white striped blouse. She had tucked her blouse into her trousers. She polished off her look with addition of long brown cardigan. Her flowing cardigan had a longish hemline that stretched down to her mid calves.


White Nike Sneakers

She topped off her casual look with a pair of white Nike sneakers. The famous footwear brand has been one of her oldest sponsors and have recently hinted that they might be willing to take Maria back in fold after dropping her for doping scandal.


Sunglasses and Clutch Bag

Maria added a pair of dark sunglasses to her ensemble as she sought to spice up her chic casual look. Her shades had cat’s eye design and tinted glasses which faded downwards. Her other accessory was an embellished clutch that was embossed with floral patterns.


Necklaces, Bangle and Rings

She wore a pair of sleek necklaces as she sought to keep her jewelry on the subtler side. She also wore a gold bangle on her left wrist. Plus, she wore couple of stylish finger rings with some embellished with colored stones.


Maria decided to go for a classy make up for her stylish outing. She had slicked her lips with shiny pink gloss and touched her cheeks with shimmering rosy hued blush, which brought out her beautiful complexion.


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