Margot Robbie May 4 2016 Clothes Shoes Jewelry Makeup

Margot Robbie Outfit

Margot Robbie looked as if she had stepped on the wrong runway by looking picture perfect in a chic ensemble. The Australian actress was spotted arriving at the JFK airport in New York City on May 4, 2016 to catch a flight out of town after a busy week as she attended the Met Gala and was presented as the new face of design house’s fragrance, Deep Euphoria. She wore an elegant blazer to put together a sophisticated travel ensemble.


Flared Leg Trousers, Black Top and Black Blazer

The Wolf of Wall Street actress decided to dress up in a sophisticated layered ensemble for her flight out of the Big Apple. She wore a pair of black flared leg trousers that fitted snugly around her thighs before flaring out below the knees. Her retro inspired bottoms made her legs appear longer and skinnier than they normally look. She paired her chic trousers with a black tank top with a slight low cut neckline and had tight fitting, which accentuated her feminine curves. She had tucked her top into her pants. She polished off her casual look with a long line black blazer that had a very slim fitting. Also, she had bunched sleeves of her blazer over her forearms.


Ankle Boots

The Suicide Squad star completed her classy look with a pair of black ankle boots. Much can’t be said about her boots as they were mostly obscured by the flared hemline of her pants.


Black Shoulder Bag

To keep her overall black monochrome theme intact, she opted to go for a designer black shoulder bag. Her shoulder bag had a box like design and decorated with golden studs all over. It also had golden straps.


Black Choker

She wore a black choker that was in sync with the overall dressing theme. She refrained from any other jewelry piece to preserve the classy minimalism of her look.


Margot kept her make up polished for her stylish outing on Wednesday night. She had swiped her lips with a light pink gloss, dusted her cheeks with rosy blush, which beautifully brought out her flawless complexion and daubed her eyes with light grey mascara.


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