Katherine Heigl Apr 12 2016 Clothes Shoes Jewelry Makeup

Katherine Heigl Outfit

Katherine Heigl was her usual stylish and stunning self as she padded through the Los Angeles International Airport on April 12, 2016. The 37 year old actress opted to dress up in a polished casual ensemble comprising of skinny jeans and loose knitted jumper as she flashed a smile for the cameras. Overall, she appeared in preppy mood, which was no doubt helped by a large coffee cup.


Jeans, Top and Jumper

The American actress and former model opted to travel in style by going for a sophisticated off duty ensemble. She wore skinny blue jeans with a faded finish. It goes without saying that her skinny jeans helped show off her long and toned pins. Also, she had tucked her jeans in her brown boots. She paired her jeans with a plain white blouse with full sleeves and slightly low cut neckline, which drew attention to her toned shoulders. Her plain top was a perfect foil for her loose knit fuchsia jumper, which gave a lovely pop of color to the classic blue and white combo. Her jumper had slanting, asymmetrical hemline and slouchy neckline.


Brown Boots

She wore over the calves brown boots to complete her cool casual look. She had tucked her jeans into boots to highlight her long pins. Also, her boots had a loose, comfy design and were covered with small holes.


Tinted Shades and Handbag

The Ugly Truth actress accessorized her slight eclectic look with pair of tinted shades. Her designer shades had retro, rectangular shape and fading tinted lenses. She also carried a tan colored handbag, which she had slung over her shoulder.


Necklace and Earrings

Katherine wore a sleek necklace with a flat disk pendant. She also wore gorgeous sparkling diamond earrings. Her carefully chosen pieces preserved the clean and smart look of her ensemble.


She went for a subtle make up, which sought to highlight her natural beauty. The focal point of her makeup was slick of shiny pink gloss on her lips and was complemented by her barely there rosy blush.


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