Jesinta Campbell Mar 31 2016 Clothes Shoes Jewelry Makeup

Jesinta Campbell Outfit

Jesinta Campbell is slowly carving her own niche in the modelling industry. And, it isn’t difficult to fathom secret of her success as she served up another stylish and hip appearance on March 31, 2016. The 24 year old beauty was pictured leaving an upscale saloon after a pamper session in Sydney in a very quirky and stylish ensemble, which included seriously ripped blue jeans.


Ripped Jeans and White Blouse

During her head turning outing on Thursday, Jesinta gave a modern and serious flesh barring makeover to the classic white blouse and blue washed jeans ensemble. She wore regular fitting blue jeans, which were seriously ripped around her knees, giving glimpse of her toned legs. She also had rolled up hem cuffs of her jeans. She paired her unique jeans with equally unique crisp white blouse, which was completely open at the back, giving glimpse of her black bra. She had rolled up sleeves of her loose blouse and had tucked it into her jeans on the front.


Black Leather Sandals

The Miss Universe Australia 2010 completed her eye catching look with a pair of simple and classy black leather sandals. Her sandals gave easy going vibes to her risque attire and were perfectly suited for the warm Sydney weather.


Belt, Round Sunglasses and Handbag

Jesinta wore a sleek leather belt with silver detailing over her jeans, which helped highlight her slender waist. It gave cool vibes to her look and enhanced style quotient of her ensemble by accessorizing with a round black sunglasses. She also added a black leather handbag to her ensemble. The handbag, which was slung over her arm, had metal chain straps.


Diamond Ring

Apart from the huge sparking engagement ring, she opted to refrain from jewelry. This minimal look was completely in line with her casual and relaxed look.


To complement her cool casual look, Jesinta opted to keep it minimal and subtle in terms of makeup. She had slick of nude on lips, subtle touch of rosy blush and smoothened out brows.


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