Gwyneth Paltrow Apr 11 2016 Clothes Shoes Jewelry Makeup

Gwyneth Paltrow Outfit

Gwyneth Paltrow put her cool and gorgeous style on display as she walked through the JFK airport in New York City on April 11, 2016. Gwyneth opted to dress up in a polished casual attire including white pants and cream sweater for her travel. The 43 year old actress recently revealed in an interview that she gets along with her ex-husband Chris Martin better as a friend than she ever did as a wife.


Cream Sweater and Trousers

The Shakespeare in Love actress looked gorgeous as she opted to go for her signature chic style for her outing. She wore loose white trousers with a low rise waist. Her trousers also featured jeans style double stitch detailing, which further strengthened laid back vibes of her ensemble. Her trousers also had slouchy crotch. She paired her bottoms with a cream colored cable sweater. Her sweater had slouchy neckline and quirky hemline. She had also cuffed up her sleeves to show off stylish wristwatch and assortment of bracelets. This type of ensemble is usually near to impossible to pull off. So, it is testament of Gwyneth’s innate fashion sense that she looked incredibly effortlessly chic in it.


White Trainers

Gwyneth, who also opened up about her healthy lifestyle in same interview with Marie Claire Australia, rounded of her cool casual look with pristine white trainers, which were perfectly in sync with her overall look, in terms of color as well as style.


Sunglasses, Wristwatch and Handbag

She accessorized her polished relaxed look with pair of quirky sunglasses, which spruced up her understated look. Her shades had dark lenses and cream rims, which weren’t there at the lower side of the lens. She also wore black leather strap watch on her left wrist. Plus, she carried an electric blue handbag, which added pop of color to her look.


Bracelets and Rings

When it came to jewelry, she made some smart choices to preserve balance of her look. She wore couple of bracelets on her left arm and couple of rings on the fingers of same side hand.


Gwyneth kept her make up subtle to highlight her famed natural beauty. She slicked her lips with nude lip gloss and left rest of her face bare.


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