Gigi Hadid Mar 31 2016 Clothes Shoes Jewelry Makeup

Gigi Hadid Outfit

Over her brief modelling career, Gigi Hadid had proven again and again that she isn’t afraid to try daring and quirky looks. In fact, she had come out looking stylish and hip every time she had given some unique ensemble a try. On March 31, 2016, as she stepped out of her West Village residence in New York to head to a photoshoot for Maybelline, she was seen in another eclectic quirky look, which she pulled off with her signature flair.


Denim Jacket, Lighter Top and Quilted Trousers

For her stylish outing on Thursday, Gigi went for triple denim ensemble, which could be considered a fashion faux-pas under normal circumstances. Gigi wore a blue denim lighter top, which had dinosaurs printed all over with a three-quarter length pair of quilted trousers, which gave serious lazy chic vibes to her whole ensemble. She completed her denim chic look by wrapping her famous curves in a wool-lined knee-length denim jacket. The denim jacket apart from dressing her up for the weather, added serious eclectic chic vibes to her look.


White Sneakers

The 20 year old model donned a pair of white sneakers to complement her quirky street look. Her simple sneakers along with keeping attention on her stylish ensemble, kept color theme in neutral and cool territory. The skin exposure above her ankles helped her elongate her toned and long limbs.


Vintage Sunglasses and Chain Purse

Keeping up with quirky and eclectic dressing theme, Gigi accessorized her look with vintage inspired round rimmed sunglasses. To keep focus rested on her eye-wear, she pulled her locks back in a chic bun. The other accessory included a black purse with chain straps.


Keeping in line with the casual and laid back look, Gigi refrained from adding any kind of jewelry to her ensemble.


In terms of makeup, she also opted to keep it low key. She had slick of light orange on her lips, rosy cheeks and, nude eye shadow and mascara.


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