Flatiron Mistakes That Are Totally Damaging Your Hair

Flat Iron Mistakes

Flatiron has become a key component of every hair styling routine. And, when it comes to hair styling, it is one of the most versatile tools. I mean you can use it to straighten out curly locks. You can even use it to create beachy waves. However, the problem is that people often use it in a wrong way and end up damaging hair. Hence, the lot of bad press flatiron has to cope for being bad for hair health. That statement is only partially correct. And, here are some mistakes that make it partially correct.

  • Not aware of the different type of flatirons

Flatiron blunders

Many buy hair straightening iron without being aware of the different versions available in the market. It is always a wise move to do sufficient research beforehand so that you can make an informed choice. The most basic difference in the type of flatirons is the material used for the tongs.

The most common in this aspect is the ceramic flatiron. However, even the ceramic coating isn’t same for all. Only those products that are labelled ‘triple baked’ have through and through ceramic plates.

There are also flatirons that have tourmaline, which is a precious gemstone that emits negative ions. These ions help close the cuticles of the hair and seal the moisture in, which gives long lasting shine.

Another trend in hot iron is of titanium tongs. Titanium is a smooth metal, which means the flat iron glides over your hair better. Also, the hot iron with titanium lasts longer. However, the better quality will cost you more. But a good quality flat iron is best hair styling investment you will make.

  • Straightening damp locks

FlatIron Tips

This is one of the most common rookie mistake. And, one of the most damaging mistake you can make while straightening your hair as well. Always make sure that your hair are hundred percent dry before you clip it in the flat iron. You know that sizzling sound, which comes when you use flatiron on damp strands. That is sound of water boiling and your hair frying. So, make it a point to completely dry your hair with a blow dryer. Also, giving a smooth blow out can cut down the hair straightening time.

  • Not using thermal protectant

Flatiron mistakes

Another beginner mistake. When you clip you hair in without applying hair protectant, you are setting yourself up for hair damage. You can’t blame a flat iron for it. By applying a thermal protectant over your locks, you protect your hair from breakage, hair splitting and coarse hair texture.

  • Using flatiron without temperature button

Flatiron Ideas

We know it came significantly cheaper. But it is next to useless so toss it in the garbage. The heat setting is very important. The amount of heat you need to apply varies with hair type and style you want. For example, those with coarse and thick strands need higher heat settings. However, if you use the same settings on fine locks or highlighted strands, you run the risk of damaging your hair. Also, creating waves needs lower heat than straightening your hair.

  • Stopping and squeezing

Flatiron hacks

We understand that you are anxious to get that bend sorted out but stopping flat iron over it and squeezing it hard isn’t a solution. The best result will be harsh marking on hair and worst, burned out locks. The flatiron should be moved over the locks in a one smooth glide. If you are still having problem in straightening locks, then you might be taking a too big section or the heat setting is too low. It is always smart to separate hair in small, manageable sections.


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