Five Makeup Mistakes To Avoid This Summer

Summer Makeup Mistakes

The horror caused by watching your makeup drip down your face is only matched by one that is caused by beehive frizzing of hair. And, both these problems are native to the hot and humid summer season. However, that doesn’t mean you have to go make up free to tackle this problem. You can still go for a polished look and take care of the makeup melting by the noon. All you have to do is make some small adjustments to your make up routine. And, these adjustments include rooting out those makeup mistakes that might be causing the metaphorical meltdown.

  • You are going for wrong shade

Wrong foundation shade

Your skin tone is usually lighter in the cold winter weather. However, the days spend on the beach and lounging out in the sun leads to darkening of your skin tone. Using a light foundation on the skin tone that is darker could lead to very weird looking makeup. So, you should make change to the shade of the foundation you are using so that it corresponds to the change in your skin tone. Ideally, you should go for a shade that is two tones darker than the one you have been using in the winter.

  • You are using the wrong formula

Heavy Foundation Mistake

For the winter, the heavy coverage foundation is a perfect choice as it serves as a perfect shield against the elements and keeps you glowing all day long. However, once the temperatures shoot up and the sun starts shinning more strongly, the same foundation might not work that well and might trickle down with the beads of sweat. For the summer, it is better to stay away from the heavy formulas. It is also wise to use a tinted moisturizer that will protect your sensitive skin from the scorching weather. And, if you still feel the need to cover your blemishes, buy a heavy concealer and lay it over spots to cover imperfections.

  • Putting on too much product

Too Much Makeup

It makes no sense to pile on product where there is no need to. You might get away with it in the winter but in summer you would be terribly exposed. Keep your product within control and you can join in the big trend of ‘no makeup look.’ And honestly, there is no need to keep your face covered up with foundation during the day time. Of course, you can still use it heavily for your late night date.

Use your fingers to focus the product in areas that you want to even out and let your natural skin and complexion to shine through in other areas. Take good care of your skin, drink lots of water and eat healthy food so that you can show off your natural beauty.

  • Using the wrong tools

Sponge Foundation

Brushes are more widely used to apply makeup. However, by using a sponge to apply foundation you can get a more flawless look. The sponge helps blend the product seamlessly into your skin and can readily absorb the excess product. We all know the mess excess product often creates. So, by using a sponge based application products, you can get a more flawless and natural look and can cut down the makeup time as well.

  • Using a powder blush

Gel Based Blush

Blush adds balance and makes you skin look more rosy and dewy. However, using the same powdery formula that you have been using in the winter is a mistake as it can easily get cakey in the humid weather. Go for a gel or cream based blush as they are liable to last much longer and that also without caked in appearance. To make it last longer, dust a barely there layer of powder over it.


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