Figure Flattering Tips That Work For Every Body Type

Hilary Duff Style

No matter what is your body shape or type, there are always some tricks that can help you rock any type of look you want. Take an example of Hollywood celebrities. They have different body types but they look stunning 24/7. Chrissy Teigen and Hilary Duff’s curvaceous figure looks perfect in every outfit they wear. Chanel Iman’s petite and slender curves look show stopping irrespective of whatever she wears. These are all results of some smart figure flattering tips. So, here are some figure flattering tips that will make you look fabulous in your favorite ensemble.

  • Wear a Blazer to create hourglass figure

Chrissy Teigen Smart Look

This tip is for those who have bottom heavy or pear shaped figure. The structured blazer adds dimension over the top, which creates balance with the heavy bottom. The best thing about blazer is that you can wear it on myriads of occasions. You can throw it over a tee paired with high waist shorts for a fun filled late night outing with her close friends. You can wear it over a plain blouse for your high profile meeting.

Another way in which blazer works for pear shaped body type is that draws eye upwards. Wearing a cute or sleek necklace can further help in this cause. Also, make sure that the blazer is well fitted.

  • Wear figure hugging outfits

Ashley Graham Figure

Women with curvier and fuller figures often shy away from the figure hugging silhouettes. However, there is no better way to showcase your gorgeous curves than the curve hugging dresses. Don’t be afraid of showing off the smallest part of your body. Ideally, the hemline of the dress should hit at the knees or just below it. The bodycon dresses and pieces with a stretchable tops are particularly perfect for fuller body types. And, highlight your ample assets with low cut neckline to ensure that you look nothing short of sensational.

  • Add a wide belt to accentuate your figure

Hilary Duff figure

Those who aren’t blessed with slender midsections can easily create an illusion of it. And, adding a wide belt over your midsection is one of the easiest and most efficient way of doing so. The addition of the belt over the midsection draws the eye in, which is a great trick. Another benefit of wearing a belt over your dress is that it accentuates your lower and upper body curves. It highlights your ample bust more prominently and emphasizes the curves of your posterior as well. Wearing a dress that clinches at the waist could also do the trick. In this matter, the wrap style dresses are your best bet.

  • Show off figure with fit and flare dress

Chanel Iman dress

The fit and flare dress has a wonder ability to highlight your petite curves. Whereas some dresses might tend to swamp your figure, the fit and flare creates illusion of curvier figure. First and foremost, it instantly gives you waist and emphasizes it. And, by hugging at the midsection and flaring afterwards, it amplifies your curves as well. To make it work even better, try to wear a dress with a low cut neckline that teases a hint of your cleavage.

The strapless dress can work even better. This is also perfect for those who are tall as they can keep the hemline long, which will balance the low cut neckline. However, if you are bit on the short side, go for the dress with hemline that hits at mid thighs as more leg exposure will give illusion of longer pins. To balance it out keep the neckline on the conservative side.


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