Expert Tips To Make Your Makeup Last longer

Make up Tips

We all love summer. There are some wonderful memories and experiences associated with it. However, melting make up, sweat smeared blush and ruined eye liner aren’t certainly one of those. It is a common knowledge that the hot and humid weather can cause lots of makeup problems. However, sometimes you are responsible for these makeup bloopers as much as the weather is. You need to make certain changes to your beauty routine to make it compatible to the weather. Here are some expert tips that will help you do so.

  • Proper Base

Foundation applying tips

It is very important how you take care of your skin. It is even more important than how you apply makeup. In summer, apply an oil free moisturizer in the morning. The benefit of the moisturizer is that it will keep your skin healthy and glowing. And, the oil free moisturizer will keep the oil secreted by your skin under control. As you might know, the oily face doesn’t look good and it also messes up your make up.

Also, if possible go for the oil free foundation to make your makeup even more sweat proof. Plus, go for moisturizer that can safeguard your skin from the UV rays. In summer, it is wise to use products that can accomplish different tasks rather than applying scores of products on your face.

  • Use a primer

Use a primer

Now, it might add couple of minutes to your beauty routine but applying primer after moisturizer can turn out to be saving grace when the heat and humidity cranks up. A good primer doesn’t feel like another heavy layer and really holds the make up in place. The primer works by sealing off your sweat pores and creating a uniform blanket of it. And, no matter how small your sweat pores are, the liquid foundation certainly make them more visible. And, instead applying a powder foundation is another huge blunder in summer.

Another benefit of the primer is that it makes you skin velvety soft. Plus, it gives your make up a smoother appearance. And, it helps concealing annoying acne in a more natural and subtle way.

  • Apply Bronzer

Apply a bronzer

In summer, you have to choose your makeup wisely. And, applying a bronzer is one of the wisest decisions you will make this summer. Bronzer will make your eyes look brighter and teeth whiter. It adds warmth to your face. However, it is important that you apply it right. There is no point in dusting it heavily all over your face. You should be aiming for natural and fresh look. And, to achieve it, apply bronzer to the points where sun naturally hits you – forehead, cheekbones, chin, and nose.

Generally, the powdered bronzers are easier to apply. Go for the one that has different shades as it will blend for a more natural look. Also, if you are wearing hair in a ponytail, sweep a little bronzer onto your neck and earlobes.

  • Less Is More

Light makeup

If you want to keep your makeup from caking and streaming away with sweat bead, try to keep it light and natural. Because no amount of use of primer can protect your skin when the humidity sets in. So, it is better to keep your makeup as light as possible. And, the heavy makeup doesn’t look good in the summer as well.

There are lot of makeup items that you can do without in summer. For example, take a case of shimmer. Yes, everyone loves a nice, dewy glow. But it doesn’t look good in summer. The humidity makes you look extra shiny and sweat is more magnified due to it.


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