Expert Tips To Consider For Hair Color

Hair Color Tips

Its summer and it is time to show off that hair color you always wanted. However, you can easily mess it up by making a wrong choice and get traumatized for whole life. A new hair color is a big deal because you wouldn’t want to become butt of jokes just due to doggy hair color.

Another thing you don’t want is to see your new hair color fading out rather quickly. Or, notice that your hair look coarse and dry due to the chemicals involved in the hair coloring process. Here are some expert tips that will help you in all hair color aspects.

  • Pre-hydrate

Hair Color Tips

When it comes to new hair color, pre-hydrate can easily be the most important tip. The well hydrated hair will lift tone and new color more beautifully. Also, well hydrated hair would be able to better withstand some of the chemicals involved in dying process. Especially, when you are going for highlights or foil hair color, the chemicals often tend to be bit harsh on your hair.

It would be a huge mistake to even step in to get hair color appointment with dry hair. Instead of hair color appointment, get an appointment for hydration therapy. And, only when you are sure about your hair health, get new hair color.

There are certain do at home remedies as well to hydrate your locks. One is to massage your hair and scalp with hot coconut oil once in a week. Next, cover your hair with a plastic cap and sit in sun for around 20 minutes. Rinse hair with shampoo and condition with a moisturizing conditioner.

  • Give Wig and Color Rinse a try

Hair color tips

For some people, hair color is a huge leap. Some get sick worrying whether the new hair color will work for them or not. They spend hours thinking about it and even ponder about it while lying awake at night. After so much deliberation and waste of mental energy, they often abandon the idea until they see their favorite style icon rocking same hair color. And, then the process starts from the beginning and rolls on for days to halt at same conclusion.

And, sometimes people do get new hair color. And, the result is not as good as they imagined. In fact, it is not good at all. We are all well acquainted by the regret that follows bad decision. However, there is a simple way past these problems. Wear a wig and give it a thought. If you want more genuine idea how new hair color will look, give hair rinse a try. If you don’t like it, all you have to do is wash it out.

  • Give wash a time

Hair Color Tips

I feel some of my readers will love this tip. I love it. Try to wash your hair a bit later than you usually do. Especially, just after you have got the color done. This delay will give color molecules more time to bind with hair fibers, which will reduce the chances of your hair color fading out. Plus, by stretching time between hair wash, you give your natural oils more time to nourish your hair and repair damage done by dyes naturally.

You should also invest in a hydrating shampoo and conditioner that is free of harmful chemicals. The shampoo that is loaded by sulfate tends to be very harsh on your hair color and will fade it out faster. The hydrating conditioner will nourish your hair better and make it look glossier. Even then, wash your hair after a longer time than you usually do.


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