Every Woman Makes These Awkward Summer Beauty Mistakes

Awkward Summer Mistake

The summer, especially July, is synonymous with the holidays. So, it is only natural that most of us are at lazy best. And, when you are relaxed, you often tend to make mistakes which you in other circumstances would have avoided. And, it leads to some of the most embarrassing and awkward mistakes every summer. For example, just a couple of days ago, I saw a picture of man with a phone shaped print on his tanned body. The poor guy would have to wear a tee all summer. Anyways, here are some awkward mistakes you often make in summer.

  • Flip Flop Tan

Flip Flop Tanlines

The pale V shaped wedge between your toes is one the most common summer phenomena. I believe it is even more awkward than the bikini lines. Because you can easily cover the bikini lines with a cute tee and denim shorts. However, the flip flop tan lines make it difficult to wear your new summer sandals. And, depending on the type of flip flops you were wearing, you sometimes have to stay away from ballerina flats as well. So, much for comfortable summer footwear.

And, the worst thing is these lines appear without fail. Sometimes you haven’t even stepped out properly and you have to worry about tan lines because you didn’t apply sunscreen properly. It is difficult to remember sunscreen when you are in hurry. The only solution for these tan lines is to wear slip on shoes. Wait scratch that. The tan lines with the slip ons would be even more embarrassing and difficult to hide. So, the only savior is sunscreen. Good luck.

  • Coarse Skin

Coarse Summer Skin

I don’t what have we ever done to life. It never lets you enjoy your contentment. When you are thinking ‘oh, this is bliss, this is what it is to feel contented’ that is the precise moment life decides to shove your mistakes in your face. Take this for example, you are enjoying the summer sun on the beach, feeling how good it is to experience it. You are also secretly satisfied with the bathing suit you have selected. It has helped you garner some admiring glances. And, it is at that precise moment, your eyes wander to your thighs and you notice your dry, dusty and parched skin. And, immediately all the contentment goes to hell. You are filled with doubt and annoyance.

Yes agreed it is all your own fault. You are supposed to apply sunscreen and hydrating lotion. But it feels a ton of work to apply lotion on your whole body. You can’t have moment’s peace even in holidays.

  • Unwanted Fuzz

Unwanted Knee Fuzz

Even after decades of practice and reading tons of tutorials on the internet, it is still near to impossible to shave knees perfectly. No matter how hard you try, you can’t get your knees as smooth as other body parts. And, when you notice the dark fuzz in your car with the sunlight falling over it, it takes lots of self-control to not flip out like crazy.

  • Tattoo Karma

Bad Summer Tattoo

We have all been seventeen and we know what it is to be silly and impulsive. You often tend to forget every embarrassing thing you have done during that awkward age. But there is one which bugs you every summer. And, that is awful tattoo. Yes, it is important to love thy self. But it is near to impossible when you have a ladybug engraved on your hips. Or, when you look at that tribal design tattoo which looked so beautiful back then. Or, when you have your friends referencing your cheesy rose at every joke they crack. Now, I hate summer.


  1. Obviously this was something for the ladies and of course me being a guy have no right to talk in the council of ladies. Hahaha!

    I do believe many ladies will be very much be grateful for these tips you’ve shared.


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