How To Ensure Your Hair Color Lasts All Summer

Hair Color Technique

Summer is a fabulous season. You get to lounge out in the sun all day long, lay idle on the beach and show off your style sense which is usually stifled by the layering you have to bear with in the freezing winter season. Especially, it is a wonderful time to show off your new hair color. However, the extra hours spent outdoors can be bad for your hair color longevity. The sun exposure and the saltwater can make your new hair color fade. But there are few things you can do or avoid to make it last longer.

  • Make sure your hair is healthy

Healthy Hair Therapy

This is step you have to take even well before you walk in for your hair color appointment. The experts point out that the healthier hair hold color for longer period. Also, the color would look far better on the healthier hair than it would on broken and shabby looking strands. The most important thing is to ensure that your hair are hydrated because the hair color treatment is always bit heavy on your locks and dry tresses won’t simply cut it.

Also, well hydrated locks have smoother cuticles, which means hair will have better shine and your new color would look gorgeous with it. Booking an appropriate hair therapy session with the salon is a smart choice as well. Also, regularly use coconut oil for a more affordable hair care option.

  • Be aware of the hair coloring techniques

Hair Coloring Techniques

You might be well aware that ignorance isn’t bliss. In fact, it is opposite of bliss with generous dollops of frustration and annoyance thrown in for a good measure. So, before you get your hair dyed, it is smart thing to get versed in different hair coloring techniques and styles. If you have necessary information, you can infer which coloring technique will last longer in summer.

For example, the foil highlight is better choice than the hair painting method. The foils used in the former speed up hair coloring process, which means the usage of the peroxide is far less that the former. Also, opt for vegetable hair dyes as they are less harsh on your hair.

  • Invest in right shampoo and conditioner

Highlight shampoo and conditioner

Buy shampoo and conditioner that is labelled as ‘for color treated hair.’ No, it is not a useless marketing gimmick to fool customers. It is a real thing and can extend the shelf life of your hair color by weeks. In particular, stay away from the clarifying shampoos as the sun and beach are already depleting. Such shampoos contain parabens and sulfates, which can steadily strip color from your strands.

  • Rinse with cold water

Cold water wash

A cold shower is one of the luxuries of the summer season. And, the good news is that the refreshing cold shower is great for your hair color as well. The cold water rinse seals the hair cuticles, which protects hair against damage and color breakdown. If you want to can wash shampoo with a warm water, make sure to finish it off with cold water shower.

  • Use a shower filter

Hair shower filter

A shower filter can be a bit expensive and is very rarely used. But the bucks you spend on a good shower filter will help you save money you will spend on getting hair color redone and hair treatments to make your hair healthier. The minerals present in the shower filter can cause lot of build-up, which can be damaging to hair health and color longevity. And, some experts point out that those minerals can effect color change as well.


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