Emma Roberts Mar 29 2016 Clothes Shoes Jewelry Makeup

Emma Roberts Outfit

Emma Roberts looked stylish and clearly gorgeous in a vintage inspired dressing ensemble as she stepped out for a stroll in the bustling Beverly Hills area of Los Angeles on Tuesday (March 29, 2016). The 25 year American actress, who is getting rave reviews for her work in Fox network show, Scream Queens, opted to highlight her feminine figure with a vintage style blue jeans.


Blue Jeans and Striped Top

The American Horror Story star decided to go for casual chic look with touches of vintage style. She wore classic blue jeans with large pockets in the front and snug fitting design, which flared slightly as it moved down the leg. She paired her jeans with a white and black striped top that hugged her curves in the most enticing way possible. Her top had a halter neck, which helped her flaunt her sculpted shoulders. Also, she had her top neatly tucked in her jeans.


Red Stilettos

The We’re the Millers actress decided to add a dash of color to her retro inspired cool street look by donning a pair of red stilettos. Apart from spicing up her cool look, her choice of footwear added couple of inches to her frame, which elongated her lean legs.


Chain Purse and Sunglasses

Emma further strengthened retro style elements in her look by opting to don a cat’s eye blue sunglasses. She had her locks slicked behind ears to keep focus firmly on vintage chic eyewear. She also added an animal print chain purse to her ensemble.



Apart from adding couple of bracelets to her ensemble, Emma decided to refrain from wearing jewelry. She wore one plain band gold bracelet on left wrist and another sleek one on the other wrist.


To complement her vintage inspired look, Emma went for subtle make up that sought to highlight her flawless complexion. She had light pink color slicked on lips and minimal dusting of rosy blush on cheeks.


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