Emma Roberts Apr 30 2016 Clothes Shoes Jewelry Makeup

Emma Roberts Outfit

Emma Roberts has often shown her flair for several different dressing styles and to her credit she often makes each one work for her. On April 30, 2016, while taking casual stroll in SoHo neighbourhood of Manhattan, New York City, she pulled off another sartorial look with perfection. She wore a pink slip dress with white blouse and looked gorgeous in it. She later switched to leggings and sweatshirt, proving she is ultimate style chameleon.


White Blouse and Pink Slip Dress

The 27 year old actress took an inspiration from the 90’s to create a demure and chic ensemble for her outing on Saturday morning, on which she was joined by her female pal. She wore a pink pastel slip dress with delicate shoulder straps and low cut neckline. Her fashionable slip dress had a long hemline, stretching down to her lower calves and ending just couple of inches above her ankles. With a low cut neckline, it would have been too revealing attire for her casual outing. She remedied it by wearing a long sleeve white top underneath it. Her top gave her ensemble demure look and eclectic feel.


Ankle Booties

She polished off her eclectic look with boho undertones with pair of ankle booties. Her patent grey booties had a very pointed toe and block heels. It also had a very polished finish.


Retro Shades and Embroidered Handbag

Emma accessorized her cool and hip look with another retro inspired piece. She covered her eyes with white acetate shades, which had a very retro feel. Her cat’s eye shades had dark red glasses and heavy plastic frame. She also carried a cream handbag, which was embroidered with floral patterns. She had slung bag over her shoulder with very delicate straps.


Earrings and Rings

The sleek and delicate earrings were partially visible through her brushed back red locks. Other jewelry pieces she sported were twin rings she wore on her right hand and which gave enforced boho style elements.


She kept her make up polished to complement her chic and elegant look. She had polished her lips with a swipe of dark pink lipstick and accentuated her alabaster complexion with subtle helping of rosy blush.


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