Emma Roberts Apr 26 2016 Clothes Shoes Jewelry Makeup

Emma Roberts Outfit

Emma Roberts showed off her freshly touched up tresses during her outing April 26, 2016. Emma who had recently got her hair dyed fiery red stepped out after an appointment with Nine Zero One salon in Hollywood, Los Angeles with her glossy tresses looking absolutely gorgeous. She kept her visit to the salon stylish with casual ensemble comprising of white printed tee and cropped jeans.


Cropped Jeans and White Printed Tee

The 25 year old actress and former starlet decided to dress down in a regular casual ensemble. She wore a pair of cropped blue jeans with a very light wash and distressed finish. Although her jeans weren’t exactly skinny, it still hugged her jeans well enough to highlight her slender and toned legs. The hem of her jeans ended couple of inches above her ankles. She paired her jeans with a white printed tee. Her tee had very short sleeves, and a light blue and red print with slogan emblazoned on the front. Also, her tee helped her create cool white and blue dressing theme.


Black Loafers

Emma completed her relaxed casual look with a pair of black loafers, which gave a slight menswear feel to her ensemble. Her loafers had thick soles and a slight heel.


Sunglasses, Purse and Large Handbag

The Scream Queens star accessorized her regular casual look with designer sunglasses. The upper rims of her shades were tortoise shell and the lower were golden, which gave eclectic feel to her shades. She also carried a black leather purse along with a large structured handbag.


Bracelet and Ring

Emma wore a sleek bangle style black bracelet on her left wrist. Her other jewelry piece was a sparkling ring she wore on third finger of her right hand.


During her stylish outing, Emma sought to highlight her natural beauty by going with subtle makeup. The focal point of her minimal makeup was slick of bright pink lipstick. She left rest of her face bare to showcase her flawless complexion.


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