Which Dress Is Best Suited For Your Body Type?

Dress Styling Ideas

Although the popularity of the dress hits peak in the summer season, it is an all year staple, which with proper styling can be worn for myriads of occasion. For example, you can wear it with a woolen stockings in winter or top it off with a sleek blazer for refined look.

However, to look your best in the dress, you need to wear the one that flatters your body type best. A single dress doesn’t work for all body types. Some will suit more than others. Here is a short guide to help you select best suited skirt.

  • Petite

Petite dress ideas

Those with petite body type are most lucky when it comes to wearing dress. This body type can go for dresses that hit at their thighs and show off plenty of legs without worrying about its effect on their figure. And, the best thing is that the thigh grazing hemline flatters petite body type best.

The plenty of leg exposure gives illusion of longer legs and help elongate your short figure. For the same reason, the long dresses that hit below the knees, especially at the widest part of your calves, are strictly off the limits for you. This type of dress will cut down your legs even more and drag your figure down. Also, the dress should fit over your hips more snugly.

  • Tall

Karlie Kloss Style

Those who fall in this category surely envy petite body types because it is impossible to wear a thigh grazing dress and not to look like a giraffe. The lots of leg show can further elongate the statuesque figure and make you look like a gangly giant. So, the best suited dresses would be those that hit below the knees. However, height is your asset and you should definitely highlight it. The ideal option, therefore, is slim fitted dress that will hug your body to highlight your slender figure.

If you want to show off your legs, then you should go for dresses with slanting and asymmetrical hemline. Another option is to go for dresses that have side slit. Or, you can opt for dress that has a sheer overlay.

  • Pear

Pear Figure Dress

The pear body shape have hips wider than shoulders and fuller thighs. The best suited dress for this body type is the one with flared out A-line silhouette. This type of dress accentuates the smallest part of your figure and that is waist. And, as the lower part of the dress doesn’t hug your bottom and thighs, it will help balance out the fullness at the lower end. To further draw eye upwards, opt for a dress with strapless or low cut neckline. By highlighting the upper body curves, you will be able to instill even more balance in your look.

  • Hourglass

Charlotte McKinney dress

This body type have shoulders and hips of same size and narrow waist. Without doubt, it is the most desired body type. So, you should count yourself as extremely lucky. When you wear dress, your focus should be on accentuating your small waist and highlighting your gorgeous figure. The best suited dress will be that hugs your stunning figure. It will emphasize your slender midsection and draw plenty of attention to your curves.

To balance out your wider hips, go for the dress that has a longish hemline. Ideally, the hemline of the dress should hit below knees in the similar way as the pencil skirt does. It would be better if the hemline ends at the slimmest portion of your calves as it will have slimming effect on your body and will balance out proportions.


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