Chic Outfit Ideas For Your Denim Shorts

Denim shorts styles

There is no other attire that women love more than a pair of denim shorts in the summer. Your favorite pair of denim shorts will flatter your booty, show off your legs and help keep it comfortable, without compromising on style.

Now, we all know that you can throw in a stylish tee and a pair of comfy sandals, and you have a perfect summer denim shorts outfit. However, there are other plenty of ways you can wear denim shorts. You can use denim shorts to create office outfit. You can also use it for date at the trendy restaurant. Here are some trendy outfit ideas for your denim shorts.

  • All White Chic

Kristen Hager polished look

This outfit is a perfect example for those who scoff at the suggestion that you can wear a pair of denim shorts to create a chic and polished outfit. Pair your favorite blue denim shorts with a pristine white blouse. And, top it off with an oversized white blazer with a bit longish hemline that create balance in the ensemble.

To make this look perfect, you should wear a denim shorts with a high waistline. This will also elongate your figure and emphasize your slender waist. To give slight flirty vibes to your ensemble, go for a blouse with a low cut neckline. Wear a pair of stylish heels to give finishing touches to this look. Avoid adding any jewelry to the outfit. If you still want to, go for delicate and sleek pieces.

  • Double Denim Look

Miranda Kerr denim shorts

The double denim trend is catching a plenty of attention this summer. Go for lighter tones to make it a perfect cool and chic look. Pair a light toned denim short with a denim button down shirt. Go for the denim shirt of a darker tone. You can go other way round as well. But make sure both don’t have the same tone. The color contrast will give chic contrast to your outfit.

Tuck shirt lightly in the front and roll up sleeves. To keep the overall look relaxed and laid back, wear a pair of ballerina flats. Add a pair of designer black shades and pull your locks back in a messy bun.

  • Cool Off Duty Look

Alessandra Ambrosio Denim Shorts

Pair your light blue denim shorts with a pristine white button down shirt for a cool off duty look. It is a perfect look for the weekend outing. You get to show off your toned legs and your gorgeous summer tan. And, the loose button down helps you channel the chic bohemian vibes. For a more stylish look, you can go for shorts with a frayed hemline. Round off the look with a pair of flat sandals and you are all set for a shopping trip with your close friends.

Roll up the sleeves and show off your handcrafted bracelets. In terms of jewelry, wear a delicate necklace that will draw eye to her cleavage. Finish off with a pair of classic aviators. For style inspiration, take a look at Alessandra Ambrosio.

  • Chic Spring Look

Brooklyn Decker Denim Shorts

Who said you can only wear denim short in the summer season? Pair it with a knitted sweater and you have a chic spring outfit. Go for the sweater with a slight baggy silhouette and a longish hemline to balance the short hemline of the shorts. To give a style upgrade to the combination, wear a denim shorts with cut off style cuffs.

Round off this look with a pair of leather ankle boots. Once again, keep the jewelry and accessories to the bare minimum to preserve the cool and understated vibes of this look.


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