Chic And Fun Ways to Wear Boring Black Pants

Kate Hudson Style

The black pants are the formal wear staple, which has made many people consider it as boring. The common notion is that if you are looking to create chic and hip outfits, then the black pants should be your last option. Maybe it shouldn’t even be your last option. However, there are several versions of the black pants that are available in the market, which are well suited for cool outfit ideas. You can even style classic black pants for gorgeous outfits. Below are some ideas.

  • Wide Leg Pants with cropped jacket

Jessica Biel Style

The wide leg pants are having a huge moment in the current style trends. It is perfect for the eclectic and laid back styles that are so much in fashion right now. The wide legs pants are also ideal solution for the sweltering heat and humidity and much more comfortable than the skinny pants.

The best way to try the above mentioned combination is to go for classic black and white combination. Pair your high waist wide leg pants with a white top. To ensure that your get sufficient attention, opt for a top with low cut neckline. This will also give slight flirty vibes to your ensemble. And, layer your top with a cropped jacket, which will keep the silhouettes in balance.

As the dominant theme of this ensemble is relaxed vibes, you should go for footwear that corresponds with this theme. So, pair of stylish pumps is strictly off the limits. If you want to add inches to your frame, go for strappy sandals with blocky heels.

  • Slacks with cropped top

Jennifer Lawrence Style

The drop crotch style slacks have become an important aspect of street style and casual fashion. For this combination, we will go with black slacks of the similar style. Keeping in sync with the natural vibes of the slacks, we will pair it with a simple cropped top. Now, you can go with a regular hemline top as well. However, we feel that showing off bit off your tummy is a best way to create a perfect sporty look.

You can take style inspiration from Jennifer Lawrence here. She paired her sporty inspired black slacks with an asymmetrical hemline top, which teases a hint of her taut abs. For footwear, she goes with simple sandals. And, her choice of accessory is pair of tortoise shell wayfarer shades. For footwear, she goes with simple sandals. And, her choice of accessory is pair of tortoise shell wayfarer shades.

  • Slacks with sweater

Kate Bosworth Style

This outfit idea is for winter. To make this ensemble in sync with the weather, go for a pair of velvet slacks. We know you wanted to give velvet trousers a try and have been apprehensive about it. This is risk free opportunity for you.

Pair black velvet slacks with a turtleneck sweater. If you don’t like taking risks, go with plain monochrome sweater. Those who love to play it bold should opt for printed and patterned sweaters. It will certainly give style upgrade to your ensemble. Wear polished flat loafers to complete your chic winter look.

  • Pants with Blazer

Jennifer Connelly Style

The last on our list we have outfit with the classic black pants. Pair your pants with a plain monochrome blouse. The safe option here would be to go with white blouse. Next, layer your ensemble with a slim fitted and elegant blazer.

Now, depending on the final finish you want, you can go for the either for pumps, sneakers and flats. The jewelry has to be minimal and subtle so that the focus remains on the ensemble itself. If you still have any doubts about how to get this look spot on, take a look at gorgeous Jennifer Connelly, who looks stylish and chic in it. The studded pumps are especially great choice.


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