These Bad Habits Are Making Your Hair Frizzy

Frizzy bad habits

The summer season is a perfect season to experiment with loose, flowing hairstyles. However, the sticky and humid conditions can easily mess up your neatly and immaculately styled curls. The frizz is an unmitigated disaster. And, those with straight hair aren’t exempt either. You can easily come face to face with this mid-day horror. Now, although the weather elements play a role in making hair frizzy, there is a possibility that your beauty routine might be making some contribution to the problem as well. Don’t worry you are not the only one. There are countless women who might be making these mistakes unwittingly. So, here are some bad habits that are making your hair frizzy.

  • The temperature of the water, used to wash your locks is not right

Washing frizzy hair

Yes, the temperature of the water you are using to wash your locks has a huge effect on the frizz. The fluctuation in the temperature of the water can make a hell of difference. The key here is to understand the effect of water temperature on your hair cuticle. The hot or warm water opens up the hair cuticles, whereas the cold water closes it down. The open hair cuticle is one of the main causes of hair frizz. The flatter the hair cuticle is, the smoother your hair stands will be. Shampoo your hair with a lukewarm water and rinse out conditioner with a cold water.

  • You are not putting on blow dryer attachments while using it

Frizz free blow drying

Using blow dryer without any kind of attachment is a recipe for a frizzy disaster. The unguided blast of the hot air can open up the hair cuticles and can do more harm than good. The nozzle will direct heat in one general direction and at one specific spot of hair. When you are looking for smoother finish, go for narrow nozzle. And, in case you have gorgeous natural curls, use a diffuser to define your curls.

  • Drying your hair with a towel

Towel dry hair

The old school way of wringing out moisture from your hair by vigorously rubbing with a towel is another cause of frizzy hair. The friction caused by this vigorous rubbing can intensify frizz. Instead of rubbing, pat down your hair with a towel and squeeze gently to absorb moisture. Also, use a towel with a soft micro fiber, which will be less likely to cause friction.

  • Not using the right brush

Boar bristle brush

You see the smallest things can make significant difference to frizz. The boar bristle brush is well recommended by the experts for the smoothest textures. The nylon bristle brush is more liable to cause frizz. Even, if you are looking to create curls, use a round boar bristle brush while blow drying your locks.

  • Not tying up hair up before going to sleep

Sleep frizz free

This is another habit that might seem insignificant but can make a huge difference. Tossing on the cotton pillowcases can be just as bad as roughing up your hair with a towel. Before you go to sleep make sure you have tied up your hair. Ideally, gather your hair in a topknot and avoid using an elastic. The elastic can leave harsh markings on the strands. Instead stick in bobby pins to secure hair in a topknot. Also, switch cotton pillowcases with silk ones.

  • Not protecting your hair from UV damage

Hair UV damage

You might be in habit of putting on sunscreen to protect your skin but have forgot to do the same for your silky strands. Get a product with a formula to combat against UV damage and fight against humidity. Go for a good quality product that won’t leave a greasy residue behind.


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