Alexa Chung Apr 30 2016 Clothes Shoes Jewelry Makeup

Alexa Chung Outfit

Alexa Chung has built quite a reputation for her excellent fashion sense and her work as contributing editor with British Vogue has helped her win legions of admirers. And, she once again flaunted her incredible fashion credentials at the Cocktail Party held at St. Marks Place in New York City on April 30, 2016. The 32 year old beauty ensured that all eyes would be on her by opting to dress up in a bright blue teddy bear texture coat.


Leather Trousers, Black Tee and Long Texture Coat

The English model and television presenter opted to make a head turning appearance at the event, which is often considered as a dress rehearsal for the annual Met Gala. She wore a very wet looking leather trouser, which attracted as much attention as her show stopper jacket. Her trousers had skin tight fitting, which drew eye to her long and slender legs. Also, she had rolled up cuffs of her leather pants. She paired her leather trousers with a plain black vest tee, which had a very low cut neckline. She topped of her sartorial ensemble with a bright blue teddy bear texture coat. Her quirky coat had a long hemline, which stretched down almost to her knees. Plus, it had slim fitting, which instead of engulfing her lithe figure, highlighted it. She also added a cream jumper to her ensemble. But instead of wearing it she opted to carry it around.


Black Heels

She rounded off her eye catching ensemble with a pair of black heels. Her designer footwear had a mostly open foot design with delicate straps over her toes and around her ankle. Her choice of footwear helped add couple of inches to her statuesque figure.


Leather Clutch

She accessorized her chic off duty look with a leather clutch. Apart from that she kept it simple and minimal to keep focus firmly on her splendid ensemble.



Apart from couple of finger rings, she refrained from adding any piece of jewelry to her ensemble. It helped keep attention on her quirky ensemble and preserved extravagant minimalism of her look.


For her stylish outing, she decided to go for a polished make up theme. She had painted her luscious lips with liquid pink lipstick, highlighted her flawless complexion with a rosy blush and drew attention to her blue eyes with sweep of mascara.


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