Alessandra Ambrosio Mar 30 2016 Clothes Shoes Jewelry Makeup

Alessandra Ambrosio

Without doubt Alessandra Ambrosio is one of the most stylish and beautiful women in the fashion industry. And, she once again showed off her impeccable and enviable fashion sense by stepping out in chic all denim ensemble for day outing in the Brentwood neighborhood of Los Angeles on March 29, 2016. On the same day, the Brazilian bombshell unveiled her spread for the April edition of Vogue Brazil magazine.


Blue Denim Jacket and Flared Jeans

The 34 year old model and actress opted to go for all denim ensemble, which looked to be inspired by the 70’s flares trend. Alessandra wore loose denim jacket with double front pockets and shoulder lapels, which oozed vintage vibes. She paired it with cropped and flared leg jeans with straight silhouette. Also, she wore plain white blouse underneath her denim jacket, which provided perfect foil for her chic jean on jean ensemble. The wide brown belt with large buckle emphasized her slender waist.


Brown Sandals

Alessandra decided to offset the boyish undertones of her denim ensemble by donning a pair of brown sandals with heels, which further elongated her stunning figure. It also added sophisticated polish to her street style ensemble.


Leather Backpack, Aviator Sunglasses and Watch

Alessandra took her classic blue jeans inspired look into all American territory with classic dark colored aviators that also strengthened the feminine vibes of her look. And, she ditched her customary chic handbags in favor of brown Ghurka leather backpack that added one more chic texture to her fashionable look. Also, she had rolled up her sleeves to show off her sleek gold watch.


Necklaces, Rings and Bracelets

To further strengthen the feminine side of her look, Alessandra went into overdrive for sleek jewelry. She wore sleek twin necklaces and couple of sleek gold bracelets with her watch. She also wore couple of gold rings.


Alessandra complemented her sophisticated casual look with subtle makeup that drew attention to her beautiful features. Her classy makeup included touch of bright pink on her lips and subtle rosy blush.


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